School of Arts
School of Arts

School of Arts contains two majors for undergraduate students, the Art Design and Animation, and one major for associate degree students, Interior and Exterior Art Design. Diversified studios have flourished in School of Arts. The animation studio has shot 26 series of commercial animated cartoon and speeded up in establishing cooperation with prestigious enterprises.



School of Arts
School of Arts adopts project-driving teaching method, by imparting knowledge and skills ever employed in certain project, to provide students with professional and practical knowledge. In the meantime,School of Arts is committed to upgrading hardware device. Animation design and production studio, photography studio, art design studio and visual transmission studio altogether flourish in School of Arts, with vigorously independent productivity.


Our graduates work as professionals in movie, show business, animation and new media. They become content originators, producers, screenwriters, directors, editors, digital animators and visual effects professionals. They are prepared to be producer entrepreneurs or to take creative and production leadership positions within electronic media and organizations of all kinds.
The major courses include: Character design, Scene Design and Electronic Game Design, etc.

Art Design

The BA in Art Design provides the fundamental theoretical, practical and relevant skills students need to succeed throughout their education and to become professionals capable of meeting the complex design challenges of the contemporary world.
The major courses include: Layout Design, Commercial Photography, Poster Design, Website Design, etc.