School of Foreign Languages
School of Foreign Languages

School of Foreign Languages presently covers three majors for undergraduate students, English, German and French, and one major for associate degree students, business English. Several modern language labs and multi-media language laboratories, a comprehensive reference room and a foreign teaching radio station have been set up in School of Foreign Languages.



School of Foreign Languages
School of Foreign Languages resorts to module teaching system which encourages students to choose courses independently and embraces humanistic feelings, spirit of innovation and capability of practice. Students in School of Foreign Languages are supposed not only to be proficient in listening, speaking, reading, writing, translation and other basic skills, but also to have a solid foundation of foreign languages and strong language communication ability.



German majors acquire proficiency in appreciating literary, philosophical, and historical texts in the original, as well as critical understanding of German culture and society. Four-year courses in the German language program emphasize spoken and written communication, and provide a basic introduction to German culture. The major courses include: French Comprehensive Reading, Advanced French, and French Linguistics, etc.


Besides a broad range of courses of language skills including listening, speaking, reading, writing, grammar, and translation, courses are also designed to enhance students' taste of classic works in literature. Students are also equipped with theoretical tools to appreciate and analyze these works. The major courses include: Comprehensive English, Advanced English, International Trade Practice and Foreign Trade English, etc.


This major seeks to provide students with diversified curricula in French and Francophone studies. Students acquire proficiency in speaking, reading, writing, listening, and a broad knowledge of the French and Francophone world through the study of literature, film, media and culture, etc. The major courses include: Comprehensive German, Advanced German, German grammar, German Literature History, etc.