School of ME Engineering
School of ME Engineering

Currently, School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering covers three majors for undergraduate students, Mechanical Manufacture and Automation, Electrical Engineering and Automation and Material Formation and Control Engineering, and three majors for associate degree students, Electrical Automation Technology, Electromechanical Integration Technology and Welding Technology and Automation. School of M/E Engineering has two professional training bases and many laboratories which brought about several top prizes in national competition. International collaborative relationships have been established between School of M/E Engineering, German Youth League, International Union of Society and Education. Various qualification certificate trainings have been spotted in School as well.



School of ME Engineering
School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering attaches much importance to construction of experimental zone for the training of application-oriented talents. The combination of production, learning and research is the principle line in the cultivation of innovative talents. By doing so, School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering is sparing no efforts to construct talents cultivation system of innovation.


Mechanical Manufacture and Automation

This four-year program intends to equip students with theoretical basics and specialized technical knowledge, and enable them to apply the knowledge and skills they have learned to practice. They can be employed for positions of mechanical product design and manufacture either in enterprises or in research centers. The major courses include: Mechanical Design, Welding Methods and Equipments, Welding Metallurgy, Welding Production Management etc.

Electrical Engineering and Automation

This program is to train students to be high-quality engineering and managerial personnel competent in the fields of electrical-engineering-related equipment manufacture, system operation, automatic control, electric and electronic technology, information processing, experiment analysis, technological development and economic management as well as in the fields of electronic and computer technology and application. The major courses include: Circuit, Analog Electronic Technology, Digital Electronic Technology, Computer Control Technology etc.

Material Formation and Control Engineering

This major integrates disciplines of machinery and materials, aiming to cultivate students with basic knowledge of material formation, the theories and methods of quality control for material forming, and forming equipment research and development (including mold). At present, the manufacturing industry is booming, demanding an increasing number of talents in the development of the forming equipment. The major courses include: Mechanical Drawing, Engineering Mechanics, Mechanical Principle, Modern Manufacturing Technology etc.