Research Publication

Research is the life blood of the future of Qindao College, and we take special interest in educating, supporting and encouraging researchers at all stages to develop their academic studies in their own field.


Nowadays, the research team is growing dramatically through participating academic conference at all levels, publishing academic thesis in core journals, and so on. Currently researchers in Qindao College could apply for national, provincial and municipal scientific research program as well as research grant through various ways.


Research Invention   

Research invention is transforming the result of our research from laboratory to business sector and bringing all the parties involved great benefits. A commercial invention can be defined as any product or service that can be protected by law and is potentially profitable for those who develop it sufficiently to sell.


The program of "The Study and Industrialization of the Key Technology of the Manufacture of the Large-scale Ultra-high-speed Centrifuge" has been granted 1 million from Qingdao municipal government. The output value of the research innovation has reached 1.2 billion and students' invention also won remarkable achievement. Students' invention includes: music sensing doorbell, new sewer cover, new toilet, new staircase guardrail, new cup, electromagnetic type broom, multi-function health dustpan and multifunctional bucket.