School of Accounting
School of Accounting
School of Accounting offers two majors for undergraduate students, Accounting and Financial Management, and one major for associate degree students—Accounting. School of Accounting adopts experimental teaching platform and has set up practice base in many prestigious firms.



School of Accounting

Based on the talent training mode which stresses students' multiple and independent choice, School of Accounting firmly grasps the features of accounting talent cultivation, i.e. the application of specific regions, implements flexible and practical teaching methods. School of Accounting has established “three-in-one” teaching system combining on-class teaching, experiments on campus and cooperation with enterprises.



Financial Management

Students in this major can choose from a variety of career specialties. As a business financial manager, you are responsible for managing the assets, liabilities and daily cash flows of a business. Careers in investments involve security analyses, portfolio management and brokerage. Other possibilities include management of financial institutions, federal/state regulatory agencies and real estate organizations. The major courses include: Management Science, Finance, Financial Analysis, Financial Management English, etc.


This major provides a comprehensive and rigorous education in accounting and business management, producing graduates who can meet the challenges of a rapidly changing commercial environment. An appropriate selection of units may enable students to satisfy the requirement for admission to the professional bodies. Students gain a deep understanding and appreciation of management issues while earning a professional qualification in accounting. The major courses include: Management Science, Finance, Internal Control, Accounting English, etc.