Sports & Recreation

Sports & Recreation

Our Gymnasium includes Indoor Basketball Hall, Badminton Hall and Free-Combat Training Hall, and here you can show your talent in sports. The Fitness Center includes Fitness Center, Spinning, Table Tennis Hall and Yoga Classroom, and here is the venue for your body building. Among many other sporting facilities, we have the swimming pool, the outdoor climbing wall, the tennis courts, the basketball courts, the sports grounds, the football fields, etc.


The college gym covers an area of 4,327 square meters and contains four floors, including strength training room, aerobic training room, spinning room, Yoga room, aerobic exercise room, etc. It is devoted to classes of Yoga Club, Table Tennis Club, Fitness Club and other kinds of after-class activities.

Indoor Swimming Pool

The indoor swimming pool was officially put into use in June 2011, covering an area of 3,050 square meters. The facilities include an 8 lane 50-meter swimming pool and a fitness training room. At present, the college offers swimming courses with full-time coaches to enrich the recreational activities on campus.

Mixed Martial Arts MMARoom

The MMA room covers 200 square meters and has been equipped with various appliances, such as sandbags and protective clothing. It is the venue for various exercises: wushu, free combat and taekwondo, and some other after-class activities.

 Billiards Room

Basketball Courts

The basketball courts can be divided into the indoor and the outdoor section, including one indoor court with an area of 300 square meters and nine outdoor courts with the total area of 7,600 square meters. The outdoor courts are open to all the faculty and students, and devoted to the basketball teaching and preliminaries, while the indoor court is especially for the finals. In the year 2011, the indoor court was the venue for Shandong Youth Fencing Match.

 Tennis Courts

There are twelve outdoor tennis courts, covering a total area of 8,350 square meters. They are mainly used for teaching practice, club training and various kinds of activities. In October 2011, the Fifth Qindao College Cup Qingdao Tennis Open was held here.

Badminton Courts

There are eight badminton courts in the college gymnasium, and the total area is 1,155 square meters. They are used by the faculty and students for recreation and the Badminton Club for training and practice. Qindao College hold the teachers' badminton matches and students' matches here to enrich campus life.

Rock Climbing Wall

The rock climbing wall, with an area of about 270 square meters, consists of five standard racing tracks and five bouldering tracks. They are used by the college climbing team for training, which facilitates the training conditions for the rock climbers, meanwhile increases the diversity of sports activities.

Volleyball Courts

The volleyball courts can be divided into the indoor and outdoor sections. There are two indoor courts, covering 300 square meters, which are the venue for college volleyball matches, and two outdoor courts, covering 1,510 square meters, which are devoted to volleyball teaching.

Football Field

There are two seven-people football fields that are located in the west side of the campus, with total area of 7,104 square meters. The sports classes, seven-people football games and football club training normally take place here. The football fields are open all year round to students.


The stadium covers an area of about 16,200 square meters, including the football field, 400-meter synthetic-rubber sports track, two jumping pits, two shot fields, and other facilities. It can take large-scale track and field sports meetings. Up to now, we have successfully held the Qingdao College Spring Sports Meeting for seven times in this stadium.