Built on Nov.15th, 2010, Qindao College affiliated nursery school is a standardized full-time school to provide convenient nursery care for the staff in Qindao College. Located in idyllic Qindao College, the kindergarten has a humanistic environment and unique education model.


With an area over 1000 sq.m. and outdoor area up to 500 sq.m., the kindergarten is quiet and tastefully laid out and well-equipped. It is furnished with independent classrooms, dormitories, washrooms, Children's Clinic, activity rooms and Activity Halls. The hardware facilities there are also top-notch, which include large slides, pianos, electronic organs, computers, televisions, radios, bookshelves, open toys cabinets and all kinds of toys. The kitchen is fully equipped as well with adequate cooking utensils and sterilizing equipments.