1.What is the recharging time of the meal card?

Answer: The recharging time of meal card is: 11:30-13:00 Monday to Friday, 11:30-12:30 on Saturday.


 2.Is there any ATM in our campus?

Answer: Yes, there are six ATM from different banks. They are:

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (First floor of No. 2 teaching building)

Agricultural Bank of China (First floor of No. 3 teaching building)

China Merchants Bank (West Lake restaurant No.2 business section)

China Construction Bank (West Lake restaurant No.2 business section)

Bank of China (Southwest corner of Central Building)

The Bank of East Asia (West Lake restaurant No.1 business section or first floor of No.7 teaching building)


3. Is there any places for physical exercise?

Answer: In addition to outdoor basketball stadium and football stadium, there is also an indoor gym in our campus which covers 4400 square meters with four storeys, including a spinning room, an aerobic training hall, a table tennis room, a yoga room, and a natatorium of standard Lane. All these facilities offer teachers and students an ideal place for exercise and relaxation.


4.How to calculate the credits?

Answer: In accordance with the provisions of Qindao College: 16 class hours account for 1 credit for theoretical courses, 1 week accounts for 1 credit for practice courses, 1 semester accounts for 1 credit for PE course.


5. What is the regulation for borrowing and returning books from library?

Answer: Student may borrow books for a period of 30 days with no more than 4 books a month. The overdue payment is 0.5 yuan for one day. More details by visiting College Library Website.